IES Iturrama BHI

IES ITURRAMA is a public secondary school located in the Pamplona neighborhood of the same name and handled by the Navarran Governments Department of Education. It was established in the school year of 1986-87.This was the first public secondary educaion center that offered studies in Basque . Iturrama covers studies between the ages of 12 and 18, that is, CSE and A levels. And inside of A levels there are three different modalities: Arts, Technological and Medical Science and Social science and Humanitarian studies.

Its worth mentioning the run that Iturrama has had competing in the CanSat competition. Two previous teams have taken part and both with outstanding outcomes: Iturramasat was the first team departing from this centre and after attending the competition 3 times, they ended up in 2nd place in the European level. Then there is also POPSAT, last years team, who managed to get 2nd place in the Navarran competition as well as aquiring the title for greatest technologichal feat in it.