Industrial Development

Specialized in engineering and technical office projects

The’ll be your support in any engineering and technical office project. DINABI offers innovative technological solutions for individual needs in companies and society.

Their experience in diverse industrial sectors has made them a versatile and flexible business, capable of offering useful solutions for its clients. They bring alternatives in design, engineering and turnkey projects in hand of many industrial branches such as automotives, aeronautics, food industry, renewable energies, railwork…

Set by a team of highly qualified engineers, they are constantly working on innovative projects, with the aim of approaching things in a different way.


We thought that making a deal with a local company would be an interesting initiative, and after depositing our trust in them for last years competition and obtaining a successful result, we decided to get in contact with them once again. 

We reached out to them during our prep phase hoping to gain some economic support and they kindly offered to get together for a meeting in Iturrama to arrive at an agreement. In the end they have given us some subsidie and a few face-masks with both our logos printed on them.