Destination: CanSat Europe

We are a team of students from IES Iturrama BHI in Pamplona. We want to put our knowledge on coding programs and electronics to the test, at the same time proving our skill to adapt in difficult situations one might encounter in such a project.





ProtoMakers Club

Iturrama BHI



About Us

We are a team of 6 students

We are students from Iturrama BHI. We got first place in the 2021 annual Navarran edition of the CanSat competition, which got us to take compete in the state level phase in the city of Granada. We are back this year in hopes of getting even further.

Xabier Lopez

Programing and welding

Jon Julen Weyndling

Programing and web design

Asier Solano

3D Design

Unai Arizmendi

Community manager

Jon Hernandez

Electronics design

Oier Macias

Electronics design


A brief explanation of what we want to achieve

Main Mission

Our primary mission involves measuring the temperature of the environment  as well as atmospheric pressure using a BME280 sensor. We send this information to our computer through the use of an NRF2401 module as well as independently storing it in an SD card through an OpenLog device.

Scientific Research Mission

Our secondary mission wraps around different scientific fields. First of all, we would like to determine the satelites speed by emiting a sound from ground level for the CanSat to pick up and isolate its frequency through filtered processing, reading its wavelength and deducing its “v” through the doppler effect formula.  Secondly, we have equipped our satellite with optic fibre cabeling and special sensors that stretch across both the inside and outside of the can. They will let us make a more moment-accurate and precise reading of temperature that the standard electronic sensor isn’t able to provide, and we will use it to make a temperature gradient of the environment.

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